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The Imaj team has become an essential part of our extended Marketing team at BRIDGE Energy Group. They accel at quickly understanding the business goals of an initiative, asking the right questions to uncover improvements, and offering creative, right-size solutions.

Barry Cioe

VP Marketing, BRIDGE Energy Group

I’ve now hired Imaj for in-depth and extensive work in branding, marketing and training for three companies over the past twenty years. Imaj goes above and beyond in every way. They consider their relationship with a client to be more of a partnership. Their creative work is exceptional and their level of understanding and service unmatched. I highly recommend them, especially to anyone who wants a firm that clearly ‘gets it’, is committed to results, and provides customer service like no other.

Carole A. Nathan

Executive Director, Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

I’ve worked with Jami for over twenty-four years and Patti now for almost twenty, and have enjoyed a rich and rewarding partnership with Imaj each time. In my capacity as President of The RI College Crusade, Imaj spearheaded several crucial initiatives, including the Crusade’s complete re-branding and the READY brand, all marketing communications consulting and materials and campaigns for both. And now at Nellie Mae Education Foundation, they are our communications and creative consultants for seven school districts across New England. In all cases, Jami and her team have not only retained the utmost in work ethic, they have become an integral part of our team and helped us to accomplish some very challenging goals – all the while continually opening our eyes to ideas and other forms of new media.

Mary Sylvia Harrison

Vice President of Programs, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

“Imaj Associates provided nothing short of exceptional work and consultation for Rhode Island Housing, through nine years. Jami and her team were instrumental in establishing Rhode Island Housing as a well respected public institution in Rhode Island and helped us effectively communicate with our diverse constituencies that included community partners, business partners, political constituencies and customers. With their support, we were able to earn a respected position with the various media in Rhode Island and successfully launch several public interest campaigns. Imaj helped us become well prepared and trained for crisis management during the most volatile period in housing finance.

Aside from the measured bottom line success that resulted from Imaj’s work, I can also say that from a personal perspective Imaj’s artistic and strategic positioning has made us proud of the work we do. Imaj tackled our branding, design work, web work, every campaign and more with unfailing commitment to fully understanding our market and our audiences,and helping us make the best possible decisions. They always manage to go above and beyond, hitting the mark every time. They have been a really important part of our organizational success.”

Richard Godfrey

Principle, cfX Inc. and Former CEO, Rhode Island Housing

The strong partnership we have developed with Imaj has created an environment for open and honest conversations, which ultimately leads to the highest quality of work. School and district staff have all noted how easy Imaj is to work with, how exceptional their level of work and commitment is, and applauded them for helping us show how Here, Students Succeed.

Mark D. Benigni, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Meriden Public Schools, Meriden, CT

Some of our respected clients:

Barry Cioe
VP Marketing and Software Engineering
BRIDGE Energy Group
Newton, MA
O: 508.281.7133

Kate Brewster
Executive Director
Jonnycake Centers
Peace Dale, RI
O: 401.789.1559

Former Executive Director
The Economic Progress Institute
Providence, RI

Michelle L. Puhlick
Executive Director, Planning, Communications & Policy
Hartford Public Schools
Hartford, CT
O: 860.695.8515

Sean McMannon
Winooski School District
Winooski, VT
O: 802.383.6000

Carole A. Nathan
Executive Director
Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Newton Centre, MA
O: 617.266.0953

Mary Sylvia Harrison
Vice President of Programs
Nellie Mae Education Foundation
Quincy, MA
O: 781.348.4200

Richard Godfrey
cfX Inc.
New York, NY

Former CEO
Rhode Island Housing
Providence, RI

Mark D. Benigni, Ed.D.
Meriden Public Schools
Meriden, CT
O: 203.379.2601