Making a Difference

Areas of Specialization

We are planners, trainers and doers within the areas of branding, marketing communications, engagement/outreach, change management, consensus-building, video, graphic design, web/social media, public relations, partnership planning and development, conference planning and support, and professional development and fundraising/philanthropy support.

We partner, plan, produce and inspire to build upon the strengths of our clients, magnify their work, elevate their brands, amplify voices, seize opportunities, and make a difference.

Powerful results are the only ones we will settle for.


For thirty-one years over half our work has been devoted to equity – in both our process and as an outcome. We have focused on supporting key areas that are systemically designed to alienate and discriminate against minorities and those living in poverty including education, housing, and healthcare. We are tenaciously committed to supporting inclusive initiatives that effectively work toward socially just and fair outcomes, and equitable opportunities for success for ALL people.