Workshops and Planning

Imaj works with clients to reflect upon and review their mission and vision in order to ensure goal alignment. Once those goals and values are identified, we are able to assist with all levels of planning: strategic communications; branding; social media; marketing; organizational and professional development; partnership development and facilitation; materials and video creation; and more. We develop and lead workshops for brainstorming, idea generating, and training that focus on streamlining both internal and external messaging, as well as place emphasis on goals.


Imaj works with clients to plan comprehensive, strategic communication plans, timelines and delivery protocols to meet our clients’ goals. We begin with in-depth discovery to identify and segment audiences, personas, biases and market influences. Then we develop messaging strategies, and compile a complete resource and cost guide that includes implementation strategies, tactics and costs.

For Nonprofits
Communications strategies for non-profits are often segmented into engagement and communications, for both internal and external audiences. They often include strategic partnership integration and grassroots efforts, as well as contact lists and effective methods to reach out to media outlets, municipal offices, local coalitions, chambers of commerce, and formal and informal leaders in the community. We help identify targeted audiences for the plans and make recommendations for messages, creative venues and outlets for reaching them.

For Corporations
Our strategies for corporations work toward increasing awareness, strengthening brand identity and recognition, and increasing demand and conversions. Often, we integrate strategic planning, workshops, and program and product reviews into these plans. In building personas and testing market strategies at every step, we work to leverage existing assets and build relationships on social media, all for higher conversion rates. These strategies include:

  • Determining marketing strategy as it relates to business goals
  • Create or review mission statement
  • Target market segmentation
  • Creation of target personas and workshops in developing a better understanding of them
  • Competitive analysis
  • Unique selling proposition and brand tie-in
  • Pricing strategy
  • Promotional plan
  • Marketing budget
  • Action list
  • Metrics and review plan



Imaj makes sure marketing plans are designed to reach all appropriate audiences and meet intended goals. Incorporating social and media strategies will always be essential tools, especially when today’s world revolves around content and conversations. We set up social media plans, manage them, implement them and/or teach our clients to manage it themselves. We closely follow media trends and make sure our clients’ interests and information are suitably and effectively shared.


Imaj has extensive experience in leadership development and works with clients to evaluate their management team and organizational structure to create a plan for how to develop and efficiently increase relevant expertise.


Imaj knows that working in a community requires the development and stewardship of thoughtful partners. Imaj works with organizations to identify potential partners and can assist in setting up and leading listening sessions to learn about and identify shared goals. Once commonalities are identified, Imaj can help set up formal Memoranda of Understanding, Partnership Agreements, timelines and more.


Imaj creates and develops plans, and facilitates workshops and trainings for:

  • Brand development
  • Mission/visioning
  • Capturing constituent and community voice
  • Strategic and/or marketing communications planning
  • Engagement, outreach and communications improvement
  • Partnership development
  • Creative brainstorming



Imaj also provides workshops and support designed specifically for education including:

  • Trainings for educator competencies
  • Trainings for Student-Centered Learning approaches
  • Building models of excellence
  • Mission and vision development
  • Equity Audits
  • Identifying biases and assumptions that become barriers for students
  • Partnership development and stakeholder outreach
  • Asset audits
  • Coaching for public awareness campaigns



Imaj plans events and convening’s for clients by coordinating and managing critical details. We also create unforgettable booths for trade shows that maximize visibility and leave a lasting impression.

Imaj implements strategies with creative, compelling and effective products. Check out samples of our work:

• Videos
• Print and digital
• Brands
• Engagement Strategies
• Case Studies