Areas of Specialization

We are a company with a conscience and a strong sense of social responsibility. It may very well be that Imaj has worked with more non-profits throughout the US than anyone. This work is meaningful to us and we are incredibly passionate about supporting those who are underserved or at-risk.

Our work in education spans 31 years and, while we have worked with private schools, primarily surrounding branding and fundraising, and colleges/universities, most of our work has focused on organizations and school districts that help those most in need, create equitable and student-centered environments, and support diverse communities.

The depth of our understanding and work within affordable housing, homelessness, feeding the hungry, and poverty is unmatched. We have dedicated much of our 31 years to changing hearts and minds to create a better understanding of these sensitive areas and their impact on communities and economic progress.

As Lifespan – and it’s six hospitals – agency of record for twelve years and working with Shields Health Care Group for eight, we delved deeply into the world of healthcare. Since then our work has expanded to include an array of mental health and wellness clients, who help us keep a mindful balance!

Our work with agencies who support/help our fragile environment has ranged from recycling (CleanScape) to water protection (SafeWater) and communities that incorporate a healthy environment into their planning (KeepSpace).

And finally, we work closely with those who care for our other most vulnerable population: homeless animals. Our office dogs, Greta and Clyde, make sure their kind are not forgotten.