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Strong roots. Fresh ideas.

Meet our leadership team.

We have flourished for 31 years in an array of marketing communications-related work that has grown substantially and now changes and expands almost daily. Most of us at Imaj have been mastering our crafts for well over two decades. Yet, we stay fresh and have added the best young minds to our team as our industries have evolved and advanced. Together, we are the most qualified experts in both traditional and cutting-edge digital strategies and the integration of the two.

What we DO
We are planners, trainers, and doers within the areas of branding, marketing communications, video, engagement, public relations, innovation, partnership building, professional development and fundraising support.

What we ARE
We are a tight-knit team. We are innovators who are grounded. Storytellers and crisis responders. Big-picture thinkers with extraordinary focus. Strategically driven while creatively led.

What we are NOT
We are not an advertising agency, a marketing firm, a PR company, a design firm, or a digital agency. We are all of those. And SO MUCH MORE.

OUR MISSION AND VALUES Energy, vibrancy, purpose, intellect, empathy, creativity, knowledge, experience, determination, interest, passion and versatility—that’s what we bring to the table. We are humans first. It’s rarer than you might think, but our ethics are our priority. We care about the world, about those in need, and about our clients. We partner with our clients to build upon their strengths, turn challenges into opportunities, and to make a difference. We work with them to uncover and tell their best stories. Every video, event, logo, webpage, social post, news story, billboard, mobile app – everything is an opportunity to articulate your message, engage your customers, promote your brand, and to encourage people to take action We love creative work. We make the most fantabulous, award-winning videos, websites, and designs. We thrive in change. We help you create, manage and embrace change for powerful results. Our services produce brands that sing your song, strategies that seize opportunities, partnerships that add value, teams that are strong, and tactics that are highly effective and measurable. And, yes, we do have quite a bit of fun – and some wine – along the way.