Creating an Integrated Web-based Education Resource


Extensive support for School Districts across New England as they transition to student-centered learning.


As part of The Hartford Public School System’s effort to put students at the center of their learning, Imaj supported the creation of a unique partnership program between the district and Hartford Public Library; the program was called “Boundless.” The program supported the district’s strategic plan to reach “Equity and Excellence” by giving students seamless, anytime/anywhere access to the Library’s many resources, including print, databases and digital media as part of a larger mission toward student centered learning, leadership, collaboration, and meaningful family and community partnerships.

In addition to strategic engagement and communications plans, workshops, sustainable web and multimedia tools, and student videos for the program, Imaj created the integrated, comprehensive website to serve as a hub and central resource for the community.


Imaj created a website with the Boundless partnership’s fundamental goals in mind:

  • To leverage the library’s extensive space, resources, programs and staff to integrate into HPS curriculum
  • To support key strategies: zone collaboration, systems and access, and partnership communications and development
  • To provide a hub for resources and information for students, their families, and educators
  • To reduce duplication of materials and allow expansion of collections in the face of tight collection budgets

Imaj created the Boundless site by:

  • Designing a site architecture and plan
  • Developing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan
  • Designing the optics for the website
  • Coding the website
  • Collecting information from stakeholders to determine what to include on the site
  • Developing and/or integrating several data bases and resources
  • Analyzing and synthesizing data about how students, families, and educators would use the site
  • Marketing and public relations for the initial launch of the site
  • Developing and advising of priority areas of hub with room for growth and collaboration

The Boundless website provides access to educational resources and media to ensure students have anywhere, anytime access to learning. It’s also a place where students’ work and students’ voices are celebrated and showcased. With a personalized login option, students and families can customize and personalize their user experience, making the most out of the resource-rich site.

In addition to a list of Educator Resources that includes titles, book clubs, reviews, author reviews, blogs, downloadable media and much, much more, there are tabs for all levels of schooling. Students of all grades, from Early Childhood to Elementary to Middle/High school have tailored pages to appeal to their age group. For each level, there are tabs to submit book reviews, read reviews, submit student work, and see what other students have submitted.

Besides the reviews and student work, there are tabs for Technology, Reading, Research and Academics.

The “Parents and Families” tab has a community calendar and news tab for the schools and library to share updates and events.