BRIDGE Energy Group Tradeshow Activation

Imaj activated BRIDGE’s new campaign, “Agility. Precision. Speed.” with a new, engaging tradeshow booth, web and social integration, and video.



The leading consulting and systems integration solutions company focused on improving utility operational performance. BRIDGE combines business, OT and IT domain expertise to deliver and optimize innovative grid operations solutions.

Brand Experience/Tradeshow Activation:
Agility. Precision. Speed. 


Overall: Create a memorable, dynamic brand activation experience – tied into annual event with 15,000 industry attendees/key prospects – establishing BRIDGE as the only firm offering “Agility. Precision. Speed.” throughout all services.

  • Increase brand awareness with prospective buyers and prospective employees
  • Establish new relationships
  • Develop existing client relationships
  • Identify and qualify opportunities
  • Progress previously identified opportunities
  • Getting noticed in a sea of over 500 vendors
  • Target prospects are director level and above given the large average deal size
  • Target prospects have busy onsite schedules, limiting how much time they can allocate to each vendor
  • Target prospects have gift limits
  • Limited quality, relationship-building opportunities at event
  • Difficulty teeing up post-event meetings

Client offered Ferrari/Lamborghini Test Drives at event! Imaj then created the activation/campaign with tagline: “Agility. Precision. Speed.” 


We designed a new tradeshow booth for BRIDGE to provide more engagement opportunity from every angle and to reinforce our campaign tagline: “Agility. Precision. Speed.”  The graphics were dynamic, integrating emotionally “charged,” powerful images of a red Ferrari and white Lamborghini with graphics representing the client’s full array of utility services. The booth also incorporated a looped video of a Ferrari revving up and accelerating to leave competitors in its smoke – ending with our “Agility. Precision. Speed.” tie-in.


We created a dynamic animation video that ran on a loop at booth, to attract passersby and on the website.


Sliders on website and social media posts leading up to event and during event drove interest and built further equity in the campaign.


Drivers were identified in advance, by BRIDGE reps. Drives took place just outside the convention center. The site was identified by matching signage. Upon arrival at the test drive site, each driver (prospect), and their co-pilot (BRIDGE sales rep) got a personalized, curb-side welcome, including a quick overview of the car’s capabilities.  Then they were invited to take the driver’s seat and to start the car, immediately experiencing the sound of engineering perfection. Their sales rep/co-pilot then guided them through a pre-planned route. Their BRIDGE experience was the ultimate in Agility. Precision. Speed. 

We also created windshield shade covers for the cars when parked.


Upon return, we photographed each driver with the car. We created a custom frame for photos that incorporated the car specs and the BRIDGE identity/campaign tag. They were posted via social media (with permission) and then hand-delivered by the Sales rep post-show.


Brand Experience:

The uniqueness of this activation drove outstanding brand awareness, enabling direct brand engagement and increased brand loyalty. Response from the participants was 100% positive and created much buzz throughout the event: conversations were overhead in nearby hotel lobbies and on the show floor – “Did you get to drive the BRIDGE Ferrari? What an awesome idea.”

The high quality and performance of the Ferrari and Lamborghini associated the BRIDGE brand with the “Agility. Precision. Speed.” attributes. Further, a couple competitors used graphics with rickshaws and busses, ironically conveying the opposite – and presumably unintentional – brand attributes.

  • All client goals were met and metrics far exceeded prior year’s numbers.
  • Social engagement rose by 300% pre-show and heightened activity continued for over one month after show.
  • Increased web hits from campaign sliders to intended pages.
  • Client identified fully qualified opportunities >$25M
  • Influenced an additional $4M of existing pipeline of opportunities
  • Booth attendance by qualified targets, up 56% year/year
  • Unprecedented positive response both at test drive site and in conversations at booth