Creating Web-based Facilitator Modules


Imaj has partnered with Hartford Public Schools (HPS) to create several high-leverage communications projects aimed at advancing their student-centered learning (SCL) throughout the district and the City. One of the most integrated and successful has been the development of web-based modules for facilitators, the first of which focused on creating a better understanding of SCL within the community.


The district has attracted many ambassadors to lead community meetings, events, and other gatherings in order to create understanding surrounding student-centered learning (SCL). Yet, these teachers, parents and community members did not have any main resource to use to facilitate these meetings which provided fully comprehensive tools to help engage various groups. And resources that were available communicated at very high levels, using ambiguous terms and lacked real-world examples.


Imaj worked very closely with HPS to create tools and resources – delivered through a web-based module system – to support facilitators during conversations about SCL. 


The tools we created for the SCL family and community module include:

  • The creation of a logo for all SCL tools and events
  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation

  • A facilitator’s guide
  • Several group activities and handouts
Hartford Modules Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Guide

  • Press release, flier, and ad templates to promote the event
  • Pre- and Post- event Likert surveys
  • Videos to supplement the event

Imaj created an easy-to-use website that provides links and downloads to all tools as well as:

  • A video walkthrough of how to use the module
  • Downloads and links to other helpful resources
  • A blog for facilitators to share thoughts, ideas, and results.


The module provides tools and resources to empower anyone in the community to act as ambassadors and champions of SCL. The beta testing was an overwhelming success and it is currently being launched through a Partnerships for Excellence series, a monthly professional learning session with all HPS school community partners and community-based organizations. Imaj is now in the process of creating a second module for work-based learning.

The module was built in WordPress, as open source, so that it can be hosted and linked seamlessly through HPS websites and can be shared with other districts.

It has been recommended by Nellie Mae Education Foundation as a “best practice.”

Imaj offers this module system development to all its clients.