Partnership Development

Non-profit and Education

Partnership development is the thoughtful identification of, outreach to, and stewardship of new and existing relationships between individuals and/or entities. Partners can fill gaps in resources, expertise, perspective and support. When working toward shared goals, partners can bring an efficiency to a project for a quicker, more effective outcome.

Imaj works with clients to reflect upon and review their organization’s mission and vision to ensure goal specificity. Once goals and values are identified, Imaj helps identify key stakeholders and target audiences and plan effective Partnership Strategies for outreach, relationship-building, stewardship, and expansion.

We help you to:

  • Understand the continuum from Communication to Collaboration
  • Understand the characteristics of effective partnerships
  • Evaluate existing and historical partnerships and develop a rubric to determine effectiveness
  • Identify areas where partners would be beneficial
  • Identify influencers, gatekeepers, allies, and detractors
  • Develop key messaging for scripts for outreach and subsequent communication
  • Understand the importance of strong interviews of potential partners
  • Develop documentation for partnership commitments (Memoranda of Understanding, timelines for communication, etc.)
  • Identify stakeholders with common goals
  • Set up introductions with potential partners
  •  Lead listening sessions to confirm common goals
  • Evaluate system of partnerships and see how they can all work together

Examples of non-profit and education organizations we have helped to develop partnerships strategies.